What We're Reading ~ 11/7/2012 ~ market folly

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 11/7/2012

Hedge funds are the rock stars of the investment world... for now [Abnormal Returns]

Hedge fund analysis: in-depth guide to evaluation return potential & risks [Frank Travers]

Stocks for an Obama victory [StreetInsider]

On predicting a recession and reducing portfolio risk [Reformed Broker]

Bridgewater's macro play: long gold oil & euro [Hedge Fund Intelligence]

On the irrational behavior of investors [Psy-Fi]

David Einhorn's comments on GLRE conference call [Santangel's Review]

Investors seemingly always under-diversify [Jason Zweig]

Most important question for investors: when do you need the cash? [Aleph Blog]

Howard Marks established Oaktree as leader in distressed [P&I]

Hedge fund industry returning to its tiny roots [Barrons]

Do fund managers manipulate prices? [Turnkey Analyst]

Julian Robertson seeds Tiger Pacific Capital [Reuters]

Greenlight Re shows benefit of hedge fund reinsurer strategy [Artemis]

Empirical characteristics of mega hedge fund firms [SSRN]

Trader's journal: 7 attributes to give you the edge [Stockcharts]

Profile on Anheuser Busch InBev [BusinessWeek]

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