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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Carl Icahn on Wall Street Week: Part 2

Anthony Scaramucci and Gary Kaminsky's show Wall Street Week this week featured the second part of their interview with Carl Icahn.  We previously posted the first part of their Icahn interview here where he said he was very concerned about high yield bonds.

In the second part of this interview, they talked about how you have to go through the pain of losing money to learn how to become a good investor.  Icahn says you also have to have an "obsessive nature" to be great.

Icahn also extensively walks through his background and how he was a stock picker, got into options, eventually started making arbitrage plays, and eventually to activism.

Embedded below is the video of the second part of Carl Icahn's interview on Wall Street Week:

For more from this show, head to Jim Chanos' recent appearance on Wall Street Week.

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