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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What We're Reading ~ China Edition

Dealing with China: An insider unmasks the new economic superpower [Henry Paulson]

Takeaways from a week in China [Justin Paterno]

A cautionary tale from the muddy waters of Chinese business [FT]

The Shenzhen stock market is like no other [Bloomberg]

Here comes the Yuan [WSJ]

Why are Chinese markets more prone to booms and busts? [Economist]

Why the Chinese government is hyping the stock market [Quartz]

China reduces import tariffs to boost consumer demand [Emerging Equity]

Chinese stocks are priced for a boom [New Yorker]

A few tell-tale signs that you should short a Chinese stock [Business Insider]

Expect to see Chinese shares in more emerging market equity indices [FT]

It pays to follow Sina's leader [WSJ]

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