Hedge Fund Links ~ 6/5/15 ~ market folly

Friday, June 5, 2015

Hedge Fund Links ~ 6/5/15

Pershing Square reveals stake in Nomad [ValueWalk]

Summary of hedge fund picks at Sohn Hong Kong conference [WSJ]

More from Sohn HK [China Money Network]

Activist investor takes aim at Samsung [NYTimes]

Ex-SEC chair Mary Schapiro signs on to activist hedge fund [ValueWalk]

Women are scarce among fund managers [Morningstar]

Elliott anticipates a bigger short in bonds [ii alpha]

Coatue hunts for investments in India [IndiaTimes]

On side letters and the Caymans [All About Alpha]

What happens when you pick a fight with activist hedge funds [All About Alpha]

Olive Garden's hedge fund bosses waited tables to aid turnaround [Bloomberg]

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