Goldentree's Steve Tananbaum on Wall Street Week ~ market folly

Monday, September 21, 2015

Goldentree's Steve Tananbaum on Wall Street Week

Anthony Scaramucci's rebooted version of Wall Street Week recently interviewed Steve Tananbaum of Goldentree Asset Management.

Goldentree manages $24 billion and has a bottom up value process focused on the credit markets.

Tananbaum commented on the recent market volatility, noting that investors all have differing views on what we should be concerned about: the Federal Reserve tightening, China issues, potential instability in Europe, etc.  He says that's what the market is struggling to prioritize.

He also notes that the bond market isn't as concerned with the direction of earnings.

As far as sectors go, Tananbaum said he thinks the media sell-off has been overdone, and singled out Time Warner (TWX) and Tribune Media (TRCO).

Embedded below is the video of Tananbaum's appearance on Wall Street Week:

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