What We're Reading ~ 9/23/15 ~ market folly

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What We're Reading ~ 9/23/15

More Than You Know: Finding financial wisdom in unconventional places [Mauboussin]

Fundamentals are only half the story [Reformed Broker]

Masters in business interview with Jason Zweig [The Big Picture]

Full transcript: interview with Chinese President Xi Jinping [WSJ]

Ukraine & Europe: what should be done? [George Soros]

How cable can capture the mobile internet [WSJ]

Steve Wynn plays the China card [Barrons]

Highlighting large price increases on certain drugs [NYTimes]

Notes from Mohnish Pabrai's annual meeting [Frenzel Herzing]

The rent crisis is about to get a lot worse [Bloomberg]

The pace in Mexico's fight against corruption is slowing [FT]

A potential disruptor in the lab testing industry [Inc]

A look at how the Berkshire/Precision Castparts deal came together [Biz Journals]

Apple's iPhone upgrade plan is a gamechanger [Recode]

On the brink of a revolution in smart digital assistants [Wired]

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