Hedge Fund Links ~ 9/25/15 ~ market folly

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hedge Fund Links ~ 9/25/15

Hedge funds and tech stocks: the allure of private investments [Institutional Investor]

Dalio: risk parity strategies not to blame for the market volatility [Reuters]

Risk parity: the dog that did not bite [AQR]

Inside family offices for hedge fund bosses [Bloomberg]

Latest crop of hedge fund startups brings a difference [PIonline]

14 characteristics that make an outstanding hf manager [Business Insider]

Pension funds to shift hedge fund allocations to low volatility strategies [PIonline]

Harvard's fund is looking for short-sellers [CNBC]

Cliff Asness: paying a fair fee for the risk taken [ii alpha]

Former Baupost managing director plans hedge fund [Bloomberg]

Why some hedge funds can't wait for rates to rise [WSJ]

Getting my ass handed to me by the world's largest hedge fund [Medium]

Would Seth Klarman buy his own book? [ai-cio]

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