What We're Reading ~ 6/15/16 ~ market folly

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What We're Reading ~ 6/15/16

Calculating the return on incremental capital investments [Base Hit Investing]

The history of the online travel industry [Skift]

A conversation with Alphabet's Eric Schmidt [Charlie Rose]

Armstrong Flooring: a spinoff with big upside [StockSpinoffInvesting]

Time Warner's Jeff Bewkes fights the industry's urge to merge [Variety]

Why housing is about to eat the US economy [CSen]

Student loans as economic depressant [Across the Curve]

The college debt crisis is worse than you think [Boston Globe]

Thoughts from a recent trip to China [Going Long]

The future of banking is in China [WSJ] 

China's credit card clearing market now open for competition [SCMP]

China is close to having its own Silicon Valley [Business Insider]

Are we in a mattress store bubble? [Freakonomics]

The U.S. is richer than ever [Calafia Beach Pundit]

Welcome to Larry Page's secret flying car factories [Bloomberg]

What's the best management advice you've ever received [Alan Murray]

What's one thing you've learned at Harvard Business School [Medium]

Profile of Nike's CEO Mark Parker [SurfaceMag]

Struggling Ralph Lauren tries to fashion a comeback [WSJ]

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