What We're Reading ~ 4/26/17 ~ market folly

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What We're Reading ~ 4/26/17

The downside of managing downside risk [Morningstar]

A short guide to short selling [Dead Companies Walking]

James Montier: market fair value is 50% lower [Finanz und Wirtschaft]

On the many price fluctuations items see on online shopping [The Atlantic]

4 things that set successful CEOs apart [Harvard Business Review]

Using Eisenhower boxes to improve productivity [Quartz]

3 ways to build a culture of better decisions [CFA Institute]

Against all odds, the US tobacco industry is rolling in money [WSJ]

Refuting the short thesis on Apple [Bireme Capital]

Sprint said to look beyond T-Mobile for other deal options [Bloomberg]

Losses are the new black [L2 inc]

The unique advantage of equity investment [Fundsmith]

Profile of the founder of Chobani [CBS]

Millennials and credit: are we missing the real story? [FICO]

On being special in investing [Reaction Wheel]

What separates champions from 'almost champions?' [NYMag]

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