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Monday, June 4, 2018

Asher Jacobs & Jade Hu Short Stericycle (SRCL) Presentation: Kase Learning Conference

We're posting up a series of presentations from the recent Kase Learning Short Selling Conference.  Next up is Asher Jacbos and Jade Hu, Columbia MBA students who pitched a short of Stericycle (SRCL).

Asher Jacbos & Jade Hu's Presentation: Short Stericycle (SRCL)

-  See 36% downside over the next 18 months.  Fallout over recent lawsuit settlement is only in the early innings as it highlighted the company's price gouging.  Company won't be able to continue its rollup strategy with 4 turns of leverage.  Numerous accounting redflags highlight the company's deteriorating fundamentals

-  Company focuses on the medical waste market with around 80% market share.  Has expanded to other industries like shredding, environmental waste, and other areas

-  They expect the company's pricing power increases to be capped at around 5%, compared to historic increases of 18% biannually.  Competition will increase in the space as they're heavily spending on marketing to take share

-  Think one segment's revenue will drop 7% based on lack of ability to drive pricing.  Sees volume decreasing 7% (but not as severe as it was previously) as they're making price concessions to drive business.  7% revenue decline leads to a 14% EBITDA decrease

-  Company is seeing a mix shift to lower margin businesses.  Credit rating was recently downgraded, lots of debt due in 2020

-  Thinks management is focused on empire building, as incentive compensation is built on absolute adjusted EBITDA

- Expect continued earnings misses, large asset impairment.  Base case assumes 9x EV/EBITDA.  If margins stabilize and the stock gets a higher multiple, there's only 20% upside, capping risk on the short

Embedded below is the video of their presentation:

And here's a link to their presentation from the Columbia Business School's Graham & Doddsville newsletter.

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