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Monday, June 4, 2018

Mark Spiegel Short Tesla Presentation: Kase Learning Conference

We're posting up a series of presentations from the recent Kase Learning Short Selling Conference.  Next up is Mark Spiegel who pitched short Tesla (TSLA).  He thinks the company is a zero.

Mark Spiegel's Presentation: Short Tesla (TSLA)

- Telsa's financials are horrible and has no moat of any kind, and this is all before a ton of competition comes online

- Management can't be trusted after Elon Musk made misleading statements

- Lost over $25,000 per car sold based on recent earnings.  Sales of two top models were down double digits year-over-year, again this is before top competition comes online from Porsche, Jaguar and others

- $2.3 billion in negative net working capital, And - $1bn in negative net working capital.  Bulls point to the story being about 'the future' but Tesla's tax credits will expire later this year while competitors will just be starting to use their credits.

- Competition coming:  Jaguar I-Pace coming out is $10,000 less and much nicer.  Jaguar XJ Sedan also going electric.  Audi electric SUV coming 2018 winter and priced $5000 cheaper once Tesla's tax credit runs out.  Porsche's Mission E sedan coming.  Mercedes' ECQ coming out and electric version of the S Class.  Hyundai coming out with a crossover for the mass market.  Chevrolet Bolt out now.  Nissan Leaf next year increases electric range.  First electric Volvo comes out next year.  BMW iX3 comes out in 2 years, and i4 flagship electric car.  The list goes on and on.

-  China is a big market and very important; bulls think TSLA will gain share there but the reality is that so much competition is coming especially in that country that they've already lost

-  Other car companies using larger battery cells and Tesla is committed to smaller, inferior ones

-  Stunning number of executive departures.  Jim Chanos said the only two companies that had similar numbers are Enron and Valeant

Embedded below is the video of Mark Spiegel's presentation:

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