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Monday, June 4, 2018

Gabriel Grego's Short Folli Follie Presentation: Kase Learning Conference

We're posting up a series of presentations from the recent Kase Learning Short Selling Conference.  Next up is Gabriel Grego of Quintessential Capital who pitched a short of Folli Follie.  (Please note that since presenting earlier this month, the stock traded down 70% and was subsequently halted.)

Gabriel Grego's Presentation: Short Folli Follie

-  Co has 1.3bn euros of sales, trades on the Greek exchange, products are watches, purses, mainly jewelry etc.  70% of revenue and all profit originates in Asia, mainly China.  Now investing into the United States

- Actual sales and profitability are less than accounting suggests. Business is shrinking rapidly, they are worried about potential insolvency

-  Called 630 stores, they only found 289 open... nobody answered or store was closed.  Out of 248 supposed stores in Asia, they only found 64.  Hired Chinese and Japanese teams to do due diligence in the countries.  Went to visit stores, found many were tiny, non-existent or liquidating

-  Claims solid online sales, but traffic is tiny compared to big competitors who supposedly generate similar revenues.  Social media has a tiny presence as well compared to others

-  Thinks the company will have to issue shares or bonds to makeup for a shortfall soon

-  Company claims $1 billion of sales in Asia, but actual China subsidiaries are only showing millions of dollars.  Company has always used the same auditor then suddenly switched to another auditor that's not really as well known

Embedded below is the video of Gabriel Grego's presentation:

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