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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goldman Sachs Presentation: Market Structure Overview (September 2009)

The fine folks over at Business Insider have obtained a copy of Goldman Sachs' September presentation on the overall market structure these days. The topics covered include short selling, dark pools, high frequency trading, and more. (Primer on high frequency trading for those unfamiliar here). This is a broad overview of the markets and you can check it out embedded below or you can download the .pdf here.

This presentation comes in contrast with the other two we've covered on the blog. If you're looking more for strategy and analysis, we've covered the best long & short strategies for the current market from their perspective. Additionally, turning more to our focus on hedge fund portfolios, we've posted up Goldman's hedge fund trend monitor which looks at what positions have the highest hedge fund presence.

Here's the market structure overview:

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