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Monday, September 28, 2009

Hedge Fund Sprott's September Market Commentary

Here's the latest from Eric Sprott and the camp over at hedge fund Sprott Asset Management. Their September market commentary is entitled, 'Safe Harbour No More' as they turn their focus to the US Dollar and its negative prospects. Sprott of course are big advocates of gold and precious metals as we've seen when examining their portfolios and reading their past market commentary. Eric Sprott's hedge fund firm definitely has taken a defensive posture and that sentiment continues to be echoed in the most recent edition of their market commentary.

Embedded below is Sprott's September commentary:

You can also download the .pdf here. Also, do note that you have a prime opportunity to hear Eric Sprott himself speak at the Value Investing Congress coming up this October 19th & 20th in New York City. We've secured a discount for our readers to the event (code: N09MF3) and we highly recommend taking advantage of it while it lasts. At the conference you'll hear actionable investment ideas from some of the most prominent hedge fund managers in the game.

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