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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Michael Elrad Likes Macerich (MAC): Invest For Kids Chicago Notes

At Invest For Kids Chicago yesterday, Michael Elrad of GEM Realty Capital gave a presentation on going long Class A malls and Macerich (MAC).

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Long Macerich (MAC)

Elrad likes investing in both private and public real estate. He likes top down real estate themes, bottom-up investing (long and short), and hedging. His top down theme is Class A malls. 90% are owned by public companies like Simon Property Group (SPG), Westfield, Macerich (MAC), and Taubman (TCO). Leases are 10 years in tenure and 6.3% nominal cap rates and 5% for private.

His idea is to go long Macerich (MAC). It has a 4.4% dividend versus 3.7% for its peers. It is 84% Class A malls and has reduced leverage to 45% down from 84% before the recession. It has 4% more of its holdings in Class A malls than its competitors and is likely the next REIT to be added to the S&P 500.

MAC trades at a 10% discount to its peers and has a de-staggered board and is an acquisition candidate. You can hedge if you want to with non class B malls/strip center REITS - he'd hedge 50 cents for every 1 dollar of MAC.

He likes malls because there's often Apple (AAPL) stores in them. He says they've been a success because upscale malls drive people who can touch and understand products and he feels this is a reason there's not internet risk (market share).

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