What We're Reading ~ 11/11/11 ~ market folly

Friday, November 11, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 11/11/11

Memo to David Einhorn re: gold miners [Reformed Broker]

On Apple (AAPL) fatigue [Abnormal Returns]

4 major secular bear markets, 1900-2011 [Big Picture]

Five rising hedge fund stars to watch [Absolute Return + Alpha]

Viking Global to close to new investments [Absolute Return + Alpha]

Analyst antics at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters [CNBC]

How a cash-rich split could take Yahoo! to $41/share [Forbes]

Top 50 CIO salary list [Charles Skorina]

A view from the buyside [Distressed Debt Investing]

John Paulson hopes to profit from Delphi IPO [WSJ]

Tsang says Ackman will lose money on HKD bet [Bloomberg]

On hedging for financial advisors: rent-a-bear? [WSJ]

Long/short: cleaning up an absolute mess [FT Adviser]

Turmoil hits Lansdowne as hedgies falter [City AM]

Cardano seeks distressed debt opportunities [eFinancialNews]

Peter Thiel's founders fund raising up to $600 million [Bloomberg]

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