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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Maverick's Lee Ainslie on His Career & Advice

Lee Ainslie, founder of hedge fund Maverick Capital, recently sat down with OneWire to talk about his investing and career advice.

Ainslie attended the University of Virginia for undergrad and then went to the University of North Carolina for his MBA and he did that because he thought business school would refine his skills.

There, he met Julian Robertson of Tiger Management and he went to work there afterwards.  He eventually ran the technology effort at the firm and then decided to start his own firm with money from the Wyly family.  He thought it was a good time to take a risk since he was younger and didn't have kids yet.

As to what his biggest challenge is these days, he said: "The biggest challenge for our business is management of talent."  This just goes to show how there are always 2 sides to running a hedge fund: the investment side and then the management of the business itself. 

He also touched on his advice for those looking to get a career on Wall Street:  He said he'd look to where he can add value on a sustainable basis because Wall St as a whole will be more challenging going forward.

Embedded below is OneWire's interview with Lee Ainslie:

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