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Monday, September 23, 2013

Where Is Venture Capital Investing Now & Why? Alpha Hedge West Conference

Next up in our series of notes from the Alpha Hedge West Conference is the panel on venture capitalists and where they're investing now and why.  It featured Chris Schultz (Operating Venture Capital), David Girouard (Upstart), Ari Levy (Bloomberg), Ron Suber (Prosper Marketplace), Pat Grady (Sequoia Capital).

Venture Capital Panel: Where Are They Investing Now & Why?

PG> Like industries with high rate of change.  Tech now creeping everywhere.
??> Moving from computing creating stage to computing development state.  Less focus geographically.
??> VCs look for people.  That's key.
PG> New enterprise software companies like Splunk, Workday, Palo Alto Networds, etc. will steal share from large old software tech, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.  People in private investment that are successful in private corps is because of long term thesis and understanding of future trends.

PG> Does not like Venture Debt.

PG>On paper Bitcoin is incredible.  Issue is overcoming inertia.  Potential is huge.

RS> On Prosper: Use 500 data points to underwrite borrowers.  Kickstarter is for equity.

On Upstart

New Oregon bill where 3% of income paid next 20 years instead of student paying tuition.

Predictions for huge business future

RS> Sending emails in future.

PG> Mongo DB, goes from stuctural database to unstructured.

DG>  Driverless cars will reshape need to own cars.  No need to own, car can just get you.  No need for garage.

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