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Friday, September 27, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 9/27/13

Seth Klarman's Baupost to return some capital to clients [II Alpha]

Could Bill Ackman's genius be his downfall? [Yahoo Finance]

The U.S. dominates the hedge fund industry [FINalternatives]

Tiger Global launches long-only fund [CNBC]

Stan Druckenmiller: "greatest moneymaking machine in history" [ST50]

Paul Singer hates benchmarking [HF Intelligence]

Hedge funds use Freedom of Information Act to dig for info [WSJ]

Cohen's SAC Capital up 13% for year [Reuters]

Single family offices are negotiating down hedge fund fees [Forbes]

Profile of Jim Chanos [Yale Alumni Mag]

Dalio says Japan needs another big round of stimulus [Reuters]

Buffett calls the Fed history's greatest hedge fund [Bloomberg]

Hedge fund-of-funds in midst of metamorphosis [PI]

Hedge funds cut back on fees [WSJ]

A manager who doesn't mind losing a bet [Dealbook]

Oaktree to sell US foreclosed homes [Reuters]

Money manager takes big stake in News Corp [Dealbook]

John Paulson buys Puerto Rico resort [FINalternatives]

Current SEC priorities regarding hedge fund managers [SEC]

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