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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Role of Volatility Panel: Alpha Hedge West Conference

Next up in our series of notes from the Alpha Hedge West Conference is the Role of Volatility with a panel featuring Michael Schmanske of Glenshaw Capital, Christopher Cole of Artemis Capital, Zem Sternberg of Lake Hill Capital, and Joe Reynoso of Reynoso Asset Management.

The Role of Volatility

JC> Volatility is the new asset class.

JR> Used to be that the dumbest guy bought options, now that's not the case.  Options now efficient for hedging.  

ZS> Think of not as an asset class, but as a specialization.

JC> Government is the elephant in the room.

CF> Volatility has normalized.  QE has impacted pricing of tail risk.  Some think Fed can suppress volatility, thinks that is a myth.

JR> Seems like volatility is moving similar among asset classes.  Fed won't let market crash.

CC> Financial repression.

ZS> Brokers & Liquidity providers make money in options, those are the proven models.  Don't ignore the info the options market give, even if you don't trade it.

CC> Key is valuing the expectation of volatility.  Game theory is key.  Life is decay.  The more people short VOL, the more risk for a spike.

ZS> Think of options as insurance.  Move from Newtonian world to quantum mechanics.

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