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Monday, June 12, 2017

Jim Chanos Interview on Bloomberg

Jim Chanos, founder of hedge fund Kynikos Associates recently sat down with Bloomberg to share his thoughts on markets.

He talks about the macro landscape, how the recent political shift has changed things, and other topics.

Chanos is worried about China because it's a debt driven model.  He thinks they've added trillions to the system.

Turning to US healthcare, Chanos says it's a system designed to be gamed:  "It's a hybrid of socialized and free market healthcare."

He thinks the kidney dialysis business is "headed for difficulties."  DaVita (DVA) seems to be one play that Chanos is short.

Telsa (TSLA) is another company Chanos has been short.  He would cover the short if the company actually began to make money.  They were also short Solar City before it got folded into Tesla.  The company burns a lot of cash (he thinks up to as much as $1 billion a quarter).  The upcoming Model 3 is the big test.

Embedded below is the video of Jim Chanos' Bloomberg interview:

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