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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crude Oil & Gold Trading Ranges: Key Levels to Watch

MarketClub recently analyzed two of everyone's most favorite commodities: crude oil and gold. Adam just took a technical look at crude oil and wondered if it has topped out for the year. He draws a fibonacci retracement from the peak during oil's epic rise down to the trough and notes that the commodity is currently trading right around the 38.2% retracement level. In his oil video, Adam concludes that it is currently stuck in a trading range and could be for some time. But he does note that after trading ranges often come explosive moves. He highlights that the $72 level as an absolutely key level for support. If crude oil breaks that level to the downside, then he thinks it sets new lows for the year. One thing their analysis does not take into consideration, however, are the seasonal factors at play with crude. Typically, summer months command higher prices in oil so we'll have to see what happens there. Click below to watch Adam's video:

MarketClub also cranked out a technical analysis video on gold where they wonder whether or not gold is setting up for its next big move. Obviously, the longer term trend has been up and they illustrate how the metal continues to make a large move higher and then consolidate and trade sideways for a while to digest the move. It has repeated this pattern on a large scale numerous times over the past few years as you can see in their gold video. So, similar to crude oil, Adam feels there's really no trend right now and it will continue to trade sideways. He outlines $1,165 as the key level for the metal as it won't be able to start any move higher until it breaches that level to the upside. You can check out their technical look at gold below:

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