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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Send Us Your Hedge Fund Investor Letters & Resources!

Now that first quarter hedge fund investor letters are starting to make the rounds, we want to ask our readers a favor: please send us any hedge fund letters or market related resources that you think would be useful. Your privacy is our top priority and we treat all correspondence as if it were anonymous. Please email us your resources!

If you don't want the letter itself posted, just make a note in your email to us and we can instead type out a brief summary of the letter for our article. A large part of why Market Folly has been so successful is due to our readers' willingness to share hedge fund resources. The more people that send us hedge fund letters, the more resources you as readers will gain access to. After all, our site is completely free so if you have any letters from the hedge funds we cover, please send them over! And again we remind you that anything you send us will be treated anonymously.

You can send us your hedge fund letters here. And if you receive our daily updates via email, you can simply reply to that message.

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