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Friday, April 23, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 4/23/10

A good summary of AnthonyGallea's book Contrarian Investing [Dasan]

A self-sustaining recovery? Not yet [Pragmatic Capitalist]

The short case for First Solar (FSLR) [Bronte Capital]

Louis Bacon's Moore Capital warns of eurozone breakdown [Marketwatch]

Major contrarian call on natural gas prices [Reformed Broker]

A blog worth reading [Kiplinger's]

Dan Loeb & Third Point's annual report for their listed fund [Investegate]

How mortgage CDOs are made, a great animation [Wall Street Journal]

Hedge fund assets approach all-time highs [FT]

A video interview with Gotham Capital's Joel Greenblatt [Forbes]

Inside the Goldman trade [NY Observer]

Charles also has a bunch of great investment reads linked up [TheKirkReport]

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