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Friday, April 23, 2010

Falcone's Hedge Fund Harbinger Capital Sells New York Times (NYT) Shares

Phil Falcone's hedge fund Harbinger Capital Partners just filed a Form 4 and an amended 13D with the SEC regarding shares of The New York Times Co (NYT). In the disclosures, we see that Harbinger sold 1,500,000 shares of NYT at a price of $12.30 on April 20th. The next day, they sold 1,750,000 more shares of NYT at a price of $12.55. After these transactions, Harbinger still owns 13,636,799 shares of The New York Times. So while they definitely still own a sizable stake, this means they sold 19.2% of their position. According to the 13D filing, Falcone's hedge fund is left with a 9.43% ownership stake in the company. This is the second time in recent weeks that they've sold NYT shares and we detailed their previous sales.

Falcone's hedge fund focuses on event driven, bankruptcy, and value plays as they seek "alpha-generating ideas that are uncorrelated to investment cycles." Falcone has been quite busy as of late as we recently saw Harbinger start a stake in Palm (PALM) as the company has positioned itself to be sold. Harbinger also revealed plans for a 4G wireless network in a move we've never seen a hedge fund make before. The hedge fund was up 1.77% for the year at the end of March as noted in our first quarter hedge fund performance numbers post.

Taken from Google Finance, The New York Times Co is "a diversified media company that includes newspapers, Internet businesses, investments in paper mills and other investments. The Company is organized in two segments: News Media Group and the About Group."

To see the rest of Falcone's equity investments, head to Harbinger's portfolio.

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